Empowering young
kiwis in learning
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We’re a small, big hearted team of educators, passionate about delivering literacy and maths intervention for children who learn differently.

Welcome to Āwhina Education! We are a Wellington-based tuition company that understands young people are unique, and that their learning styles can be, too.  We cater to a wide range of children with learning differences, including those with Specific Learning Disorders (SLDs) such as dyslexia or dyscalculia, and are set up to ensure total continuity of learning during all Covid-19 Alert Levels. Our goal is to ensure that no matter how your child sees the world, they can achieve great things in learning and in life.


Looking out for learners

Our team are experts in designing teaching programmes that meet the particular challenges your child may be facing in their learning journey.  We provide a bridge to help them meet the demands of the mainstream curriculum, first by undertaking an assessment of their learning needs, then by monitoring their progress on a regular basis and adjusting our tutoring plans accordingly. We work closely with your family and school to ensure we are wrapping support around your child in the most effective way possible.

Robust, evidence based programmes

Our core strength at Āwhina Education is that we only deliver robust, targeted, evidence-based programmes. We work collaboratively with local educational and clinical psychologists, and speech-language therapists, who have helped develop our strong systems and bank of resources. The chair of our advisory board is an educational psychologist. Her responsibility is to ensure everything we do meets best practice requirements, and she regularly monitors our practice, resources and programmes.


Giving back

Āwhina Education is a social enterprise and we volunteer a portion of our time in order to help a wider range of young people who need our services. Our volunteer scheme provides tuition in partnership with local Wellington schools, to ensure we are working to bridge not only the gap created by different learning needs, but by income disparities as well. If you are interested in our pro-bono scheme and would like to know how you can support us in this endeavour, please drop us a line, we’d love to hear from you.

Who we work with

At Āwhina we support not only learners, but schools as well. We believe that being connected to the communities our students live and learn in is vital to their success.



Our learners are front and centre to everything we do. The input from families and schools, in combination with the data we collect through testing and teaching your child, enables us to deliver a programme that is truly responsive to a young person’s unique learning needs. We continue to research and update the methods and resources we employ, so your child gets the most relevant and effective programme possible.



Is your school interested in how it can most effectively implement the Government’s new strategies for action in supporting learners with dyslexia?  We are able to provide professional development on these methods, as well as broader learning on what dyslexia is, and how all children with learning differences can be supported in the classroom. Get in touch and find out how we can bring professional development to your school or learning institute.

Our Tutors

Our team is made up of a group of six intervention specialists, plus our resident educational psychologist, Amelia. Each one of us has undertaken rigorous training in the methodologies we use. These are highly specialised skills and our tutors are also adept at working in close conjunction with their students’ classroom teachers.


Our Community

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