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Kind Words From Parents

Tutoring has taught our daughter that you can do anything you put your mind to and allowed her confidence to grow so much. Over the time working with you she has gone from a child who was very quiet in class and would hardly ever answer questions, to a child who raises her hand voluntarily and answers the question with pride, confident she knows a thing or two.  I can't put into words how grateful and happy we are to have found Āwhina Education.

"Oh gosh I'm speechless, overjoyed and completely overcome with emotions and gratitude, smiling through tears rolling down my cheeks. Thank you for all your support, I would want any other parent to feel what I'm feeling right now... my son has just flourished."

"Hannah's spelling and reading has really improved since starting with Āwhina Education.  She seems more engaged and doesn't fight us when asked to do her homework - which is a massive change for her and us."

"We’ve noticed more confidence in everything. The one-on-one tutoring has been fantastic for Wilbur. His tutor is amazing."

"We’ve noticed a huge increase in our son’s self confidence when it comes to learning, which has translated into enjoying doing the homework that his tutor gives him."

“Our daughter has had a wonderful term and I'm so grateful that Liz Kane told us about your company. This whole structured literacy approach is really helping her. The lessons are all making sense to her... it is connecting to her brain and it has been a joy to watch her really learn. Her tutor is nothing short of amazing with her. Thank you to her tutor and to the whole Awhina Education team from my family.“

"Thanks for all you do - I have already noticed a massive difference... I can’t believe she can read half the words she’s able to now!"

"This Tuesday he came out from tutoring with a smile a mile wide and full of enthusiasm. He said his tutor was so proud of him identifying all the language features. The way you are teaching him is just what he needs and is filling him with confidence, not just in English, but also in History and Mathematics. I just wish I had done this sooner. Thank You so much for your hard work. You totally amaze me with what you have achieved in such a short time."

"It is a wrench leaving his tutor who has been a superlative tutor for our son -  her structuring, skill, sensitivity, and positive approach has really helped him reengage. We almost considered staying in Wellington longer for her!"

"My daughter’s maths confidence has soared since starting tutoring with Karen! She is a fantastic tutor!"

"We are very grateful to you and Carina. Our son loves reading now, he even likes to write, and says spelling is easy! Your work has changed his life."

“Thought I'd share this [report] to show how our son has benefited from all your support this year and how he has shared this with his teachers and they affirm this. Thank you everyone! We feel so lucky to have this team around him, helping him grow and learn.”